Why Foot Care is important in patients with Diabetes Mellitus

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Good foot care is very essential for the people with diabetes . This will help in overcoming problems associated with diabetes through prevention and early identification of complications associated.

There are many steps to keep the foot in good shape, prevent complications associated and to improve blood circulation. 

Foot care should be daily routine for the patients with diabetes, which should go hand in hand with regular monitoring of blood sugar, eating a balanced meal, engage in some kind of physical activity, for example, walking, doing range of motion exercise etc…

Peripheral neuropathy is a nerve damaged caused by chronically high blood sugar level. It leads to numbness, loss of sensation, pain in feet, legs and hands. One of the most common complications of diabetes.  

Signs and symptoms of foot problems 

Burning , tingling and painful feet.

Loss of sensation to cold , hot and touch.

Changes in the colour or shape of your feet.

Loss of hair in the toes, feet and in lower legs.

Thickening and yellowing of the toenails.

Onset of red spots,blisters, sores and ulcers

[Consult your treating physician if you have any of these above mentioned signs and symptoms ]

Tips for good foot care

Here are some good habits which can be adopted by the patients with Diabets

1. Foot inspection

Foot examination with mirror

Daily foot inspection is an essential component in foot care. Check feet and toes, especially between toes, where there is a chance to have more moisture. Use of mirror will ease the examination.

2. Wash your feet
Wash your feet daily with lukewarm water and mild soap. Check the temperature of water before using it. 

3. Dry your feet

Pat your feet with soft cloth. Dry the area between toes gently to prevent moisture, which 
can lead to infection later.

4. Use of moisturizing lotion. 

Use moisturizing lotion or oil to prevent dryness of skin.

5. Nail Care

Trim toe nails after socking with water

Be careful not to cut the toe nails too short. 

Selection of Footwear

Choose well fitting footwear.

Avoid footwear made of plastic, use footwear made of leather and canvas.

Wear shoes which can adjust the size with buckles and Velcro.

Use socks which can give an extra layer of protection.

Effective foot care methods should be adopted with other routines -regular blood sugar level monitoring, eating a balanced meal – to maintain and  improve the quality of life of  people living with diabetes.

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