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Kameda infologics have well experience in providing IT solutions for health care industry. In the year 2000 we were established in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India. We have our branches in South Africa, South-Eastern Asia and Middle East.
Dr. Toshitada Kameda and his software development company APIUS in Tokyo, Japan is our partner, Dr. Toshidata Kameda is providing IT solutions for health care industry since 1995.
We offer consulting solutions that help our customers to achieve their business goals. Quality service is delivered to our clients by leveraging our healthcare expertise and industry specific knowledge.
Our Expertise

Software product development and customization
Interfacing of medical equipments with HIS
Change Management
Data Conversion & Validation
Enterprise Reporting & Data Analysis Services
IT Operational Process Optimization
IT Strategy & Business Automation Services

Machine Interfacing

Project Management and Program Management

Production Go-Live/Post Go-Live Support
QA Testing & Validation
Security & system Setup and Risk Assessment
Application Analysis, Design and Development

Delivery Model
Our enriched experience at client facilities, software development, product implementation and post product implementation support makes us the most sought after service providers for small, medium, and large Healthcare facilities. We commit ourselves to consistently deliver better, faster and ever evolving services.
We have developed an Implementation process and we have practiced it globally with the best success rate. The method of design we use to balance the structure and flexibility, enables us to provide a fast and efficient implementation of our software solutions every time. Our implementation phase approach, allows for a gradual evolution of information systems in your business without requiring a complete system replacement or complex business process re-engineering
IT infrastructure affects every aspect of your business and is crucial for effective management; but to evolve a setup that gives your business a quantum leap.Industry specific expertise and know-how are required for high availability, responsiveness and adequacy, which are non-negotiable requirements, for any global corporations.
We help you get the right combination of platforms for your applications by assisting you in designing, building and managing all of your available IT Infrastructure. We deploy concurrent infrastructure and help you create a setup that is capable of handling changes to adapt to the market environments.
  • Simple & Easy
  • Comprehensive
  • Integrated
  • Interoperable
  • Scalable
  • Competitive/Affordable
  • Flexible
  • Software Support
  • Help Desk

Customer can have access to our customer executive for e-mail and telephone assistance, on all the working days 24 X 7. In case of any critical issues we have expertise team for handling issues
Operational Guide
We draft an operational guide in consultation with our customers once our support commences. This document shall serve to establish mutually agreed processes and contact points in order to facilitate effective support services and co-operation.
Onsite Support
Our representatives at your site shall provide you support along with analysis of all your concerns with appropriate fixes or work-around.

YASASII® is a state of the art, all-encompassing Healthcare Information System (HIS) for healthcare professionals practicing in facilities ranging from primary healthcare centre to multi-specialty tertiary care hospital. With its simple and user friendly interface, it ensures round-the -clock, efficient functioning of all the departments and mitigates revenue loss for your organization. It focuses on the integration of clinical, financial and administrative sections for a healthcare enterprise. The wealth of information provided via our decision supports are specifically targeted to simplify the work pressure for any healthcare provider by improving their quality and the work flow of the healthcare facility. 
FUJIFILM YASASII®-RIS provides a complete set of tools for the creation and visualization of Dashboards, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as well as reports. By this mean, Clinical Imaging Management teams will have all necessary inputs to take the right action at any time.
Through the Radiologist Workflow Management Module, FUJIFILM YASASII®-RIS offers the Radiologist advanced tools to perform exams, diagnostics and reporting including: Configurable Radiologists Work-list, Templates, Voice Recognition, Dictation, Smart Reporting tools, Transcriptionist workflow and Reports Distribution etc.
YASASII APP. We aim to provide you with a healthcare journey focused on your wellbeing. Let us transform your lives through clinical excellence, compassionate care and health education
This app is beyond being a group of entities providing the full spectrum of healthcare services; it is a pioneering institution that has been continuously thriving for over four decades, to become the reference of excellence and international standards in KSA and the whole MENA region.
Knowledge Factor
Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: A Change Management Problem.
The key to successful creation of artificial intelligence in healthcare does not depend completely on technical aspects of predictive and prescriptive machines but also in change management within healthcare organizations. Better adoption and results with AI rely on a commitment to the challenge of change, the right tools, and a human-centered perspective. To succeed in change management and get optimal value from predictive and prescriptive models, clinical and operational leaders must use three perspectives
Removing Barriers to Clinician Engagement: Partnerships in Improvement Work.
With clinicians driving many of the decisions that affect health system quality and cost, they’re an essential part of successful improvement efforts. Clinicians are, however, notoriously overburdened in today’s healthcare setting, and getting their buy-in for additional projects is often a big challenge. To successfully partner with these professionals in improvement work, health systems must develop engagement strategies that prioritize clinician needs and concerns and leverage data that’s meaningful to clinicians. Improvement leaders can approach clinician engagement on three levels
Precision Medicine by Data-Driven : Must have should be availed for Next-Generation of Personalized Care.
Under a precision medicine approach, clinicians, academics, and pharma and biotech researchers and regulators aim to deliver the right drug for the right patient at the right time. Data, however, can present a challenge to precision medicine goals due to gaps in clinical care, research, and drug development when organizations don’t have the ability to capture and report on relevant real-world data. Precision medicine benefits can be availed by having a right way and device to collect clinical data, molecular data in health care industry.

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