Don’t let your markers turn RED over Chinese New Year

Red. An auspicious colour for an auspicious occasion.
Well, not if it is turning up on your health care report.

Chinese New Year is a time for joyful reunions and enjoying the company of loved ones. However, Chinese New Year is also a time when there are hidden dangers lurking. From the high sugar, high fat content foods, to the long journeys balik kampung, the festive season can quickly become a breeding ground for silent health risks.

This year, Chinese New Year happens to fall during influenza season. Given the nature of festivities, there is an increased chance of human contact especially in crowded areas, which also means you are more susceptible to contracting certain illnesses.

It certainly does not help that a lot of us, (this writer included) throw caution to the wind when it comes to looking after our diet over the festive seasons. Our immune system can be easily compromised by poor nutrition or lack of sufficient rest. This is especially when we are busy juggling work while taking time to prepare for the festivities, not to mention any long journeys back to our hometowns and celebrations that run into the wee hours.

Ok so i just have to watch my diet?

It’s easy to just dismiss your health in favour of the celebratory preparations, and vow to get back on track after the festivities. However, for certain groups of people, they may be at risk for certain illnesses, and neglecting to address that early on can result in dire consequences.

Take for example a person who may be prediabetic. There generally aren’t any obvious symptoms that you have to take care of your blood sugar levels. However with delicious goodies such as pineapple tarts, cookies, jelly, sweets, sodas, and more; the risk of getting diabetes can quickly turn very real.

Taking the time to understand your body and the health risks you might be susceptible to is important. A week of neglect can lead to a need for long term care, if the risk is not caught earlier. Booking a regular health screening to keep track of your health markers can help you better manage your life and enjoy the festivities with a peace of mind.

I can’t understand health screening reports anyway

We understand, health screening reports are confusing, with a bunch of numbers and some asterisks, which tells you absolutely nothing about how to take care of your health.

That’s why MyDoc’s health screening reports are not only colour coded, but also comes with descriptions to exactly what that means. While seeing yellow or red on the reports doesn’t make anyone feel good, we make sure you are supported in your efforts to make the red marker green again.

Best part, it’s delivered right to your phone so you don’t have to line up for hours at a polyclinic just to pick up your report. If you still feel unsure about your markers, you can easily get a hassle free follow up with a doctor right on your phone.

So for this Chinese New Year, may the only red things be your angpow and festive decorations, and may all your health reports be free of the red.

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