Advantages of Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Electronic Medical Records is a systematic collection of health information about an individual patient or population in electronic format. It is capable of being shared across different health care settings. Electronic Records contains data, which includes medical history, medication, demographics, immunization status, Laboratory test results, radiology images, vital signs, personal statistics like age and weight, billing and information. One of the main elements that electronic medical records companies design in their software systems is the mechanisms of safety for electronic medical records in terms of both patient diagnosis and the security of their health records. The reduction of medical errors benefit to both patient and doctor.

An electronic medical health records information sharing in medical practice naturally reduces unwanted hand transcribed errors. This can eliminate the problem of lost or misplaced patient files. These advantages of EMR helps to increase the health related safety of patients and patient welfare. The electronic medical records and patient care are synonymous in that such systems enable easy access of information to the end users
Another aspect is the personal security that is also important to meet a patient’s privacy concerns.

Advantages of EMR for Medical Practice
Quick transfer of Patient Data
The ability to transfer patient data from one department to another quickly is one of the main advantage of Electronic Medical Records in medical practice. Using Electronic Health Records (EHRs), the whole history of patient’s medical data can be stored and recorded appropriately in a centralized system. In early days and even now in some of the healthcare organization’s patients health records are saved on paper. This scenario can be changed with the technical advancements and health records are saved in digital format.

Space Saving
The ability to save space is one of the advantage of Electronic Medical Records. Since the data is saved in digital format no need to use a physical space in digital records environment. The old days the patients datas are recorded in papers and now with technology advancements it changed and now it is saved digitally.
By using the Electronic Medical Records we can increase the number of patients served per day thereby Enhancing the patient workflow and increase the productivity.
The results management can be improved and the patient care also improved with a reduction in errors within your medical practice
The Electronic Medical Records reduced the operational costs such as transcription services and also the overtime labor expenses since the records are always keeping digitally.

The Electronic Medical Records will help you to use customizable and Scalable medical records that grow with your practice. The use of Electronic Medical Records makes the advanced prescribing and the clinical documentation capabilities. The medical practitioner can make prescriptions and recorded details in a more efficient and easy way.
Electronic Medical records has the ability to more accurate and efficient patient billing.
Advantages of EMR for the Patient
The advantage of Electronic Medical Records is improved diagnosis and treatment of patients. One of benefits of Electronic Records is the Faster care of patients and decision making responses from assigned medical professionals
Electronic Medical Records keeps a record of up-to-date and accurate data about the patients in digital format. This ensures the fast access to the medical data of patients for efficient and coordinated care. Documents can be shared efficiently within the department and patients and other hospital staffs with the Electronic Medical Records. The advantage of Electronic Medical Records includes keeping documentation of patient’s history. It can reduce paper work and makes the hospital staff free to do other works instead of doing this work.

The Electronic records enables more effective and efficient diagnosis of patients with reduced medical errors and helps in safer operations and thus improving the health of patients. The use of Digital records boost the interaction and communication of patients and health providers. The patients can get their reports within a short time period as the datas are in Digital Format. The patients can review their previous medical history and can take necessary precautions and be alert about the treatment.

The health providers can also do their interaction with patients easily and efficiently without time consuming. So time saving is one of the advantage of Electronic Medical Records.
The main advantage of Electronic Records is ensuring Patients data secure and safe. Data of patient can be securely and safely maintained with the Electronic Medical Records.
The Electronic Medical Records provides the security for patient information and their by ensuring the medical providers efficiency. The way of keeping digital records helps the health care providers to increase their productivity and efficiency in meeting their business goals. This helps to integrate the patient data from different resources for better clinical decision-making.
There are many ways the Electronic Health Records are improves the functioning of medical facilities. They ensures that the processes become faster because the work is not done manually. Electronic Medical Records increased transparency of data so that doctors can immediately access previous health issues of the patients and provide better treatment on time.

The Electronic Medical Records allow the hassle-free tracking of massive information of hundreds of patients that enters the healthcare organizations every single day. Documents like patient information forms, their test reports, prescriptions or any other related documents can be well maintained. Electronic Medical Documents also allows the sharing of the information with other healthcare bodies like medical labs, pharmacies or other branches of the hospitals. This enhances the quality of medical services and care provided to the patients.
Providing remote treatments is possible with Electronic Medical Records as they can be easily paired with the healthcare management system or health apps or smartphones. The electronic digital records provides a powerful connection and the patient data can be accessed from anywhere at any time. As a result, doctors can follow-up with their patients and keep in touch with them. In case of an emergency the electronic digital documents is extremely helpful. One more benefit that Electronic Medical Records provide is improving inventory management of drugs. The recording of data alerts of the concerned person for increasing the drug supply in a timely manner is another advantage.

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Investing in an Electronic Medical Report system can be a highly beneficial decision for any medical organization. Making the transition from paper-based processes to Electronic Health Records has already transformed many organizations. It also provides a competitive advantage to a hospital. Not only small or large hospitals but even insurance companies, government hospitals, etc. have started adopting and implementing EHRs.
Electronic Medical Records are the first step to transform the Health care industry. By the use of the Electronic Medical Records the health care industry increased their productivity and efficiency to a great extent.

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